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The purpose of this Web site is to provide the River Region with access to the men, women and companies who work hard to maintain the rights, liberties and privileges of those involved in the area's agricultural industry, now and in the future.
MCCA By-Laws
The name of this organization shall be the Montgomery County Cattlemen’s Association. The permanent address of the Montgomery County Cattlemen’s Association will be P.O. Box 230601 Montgomery, Alabama 36123.

The purpose and activities of this organization shall be in conformity with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association and to promote, develop, expand, encourage, and develop youth projects and education; and to encourage the production of beef cattle through activities and education in Montgomery County, Alabama.

Individuals who are interested in the development, promotion, and advancement of the beef cattle industry in Montgomery County and who support the objectives of this association shall be eligible for membership to the Montgomery County Cattlemen’s Association upon receipt of their payment of dues.

Classification of membership shall be:
• Active – current paid member entitled to one vote.
• Lifetime – paid for life and entitled to one vote.
• Honorary – shall not be eligible for voting privileges and shall be conferred only upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors
• Associate – a business or firm engaged in the activities that support or are associated with cattle production, feeding, and marketing and that pays dues as required.

The membership year shall coincide with the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association fiscal year (August 1-July 31) with general membership dues being $30 per year ($10-county, $19 ACA, $1-PAC), lifetime being $600, associate being $110, $200 or $350 per year payable to the Montgomery County Cattlemen’s Association. The MCCA treasurer will remit the state dues, along with the names and addresses of each member, to the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association.
For complete by-laws, contact MCCA.

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